Why we need more primadonnas.

The term 'primadonna' is usually intended to be the ultimate crushing insult for a creative. Worse than being a talentless creative is being a petulant, precious one. It implies a fluffyness, a puffy sleeved temperament and an irrational obsession for all the icing on the cake not the sponge and it's intended to cut right... Continue Reading →

The 3 worst ways to judge creative

From outside the Pharma tent, you could be forgiven for thinking it all just looks like stock-shots and poor typography created by people not talented enough to make it in the big wide consumer world. OK, controversial start. But you and I both know that contrary to perception there is talent in them there hills.... Continue Reading →

The Cannes Canyon.

  In view of the upcoming inaugural Cannes Health festivities, when we healthcare creatives finally get to party like our slightly better looking, richer, yet infinitely shallower consumer cousins, I thought I would start penning some thoughts about the general state of the industry from my point of view as a recent convert from the... Continue Reading →

How to cock up a winning formula

I have always liked working on the briefs that no one else wanted or had exhausted themselves trying to crack. I guess that's why I like Pharma. I like the briefs where you can slip in at the end, be a saviour and avoid the months of hellish rewrites and death by a thousand affiliate... Continue Reading →

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