The power of doing nothing

There's a story about an agency boss who was strolling the creative corridors one day and noticed all the creatives were not actually working but staring out the window, flicking through magazines or playing scrunched-up-paper-bin-basketball. He immediately returned to his desk and had his secretary type a memo. It read : "Dear creatives, please don't... Continue Reading →

The North Pond Hermit™

For thirty years the legend of The North Pond Hermit in central Maine continued to grow. He remained unseen but his presence was felt everywhere. During the night things would go missing from local houses, never money, but food, clothing, books and oddly - BBQ gas canisters. The only evidence left behind was occasional wood... Continue Reading →

Commiting Brandicide.

Imagine this scenario: After ten years of marketing an orange soda drink, say one that has become one of the most famous brands in the world, the patent runs out and another, almost exactly the same, orange soda drink is launched by a rival manufacturer at 25p cheaper a can. The company that manufactures it... Continue Reading →

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