Hydrogen versus Bernoulli

People often wonder where ideas come from. I like to think that all ideas are just sitting there, waiting to be discovered rather than created out of thin air as one might suppose. Creative people just spend more time looking for them. We're like those people who suddenly got obsessed with Pokemon-Go and were out... Continue Reading →

Why are creatives creative?

Does that seem like a daft question? Why are footballers sporty? Why are politicians political? In Campaign magazine dated 29th July 2016 there was a question put to Jeremy Bullmore in his 'on the campaign couch with JB' column. It read : Dear Jeremy A lot of creatives also write books. Why? JB's answers are... Continue Reading →

Haute couture on the Cotes d’azure

Arriving last weekend at Cannes Lions I was struck by the level of new technology and interactivity on show. In real time, you can interact with 3-dimensional people and experience what looks like an actual talker talking on a stage about social media, while you yourself can actually be on social media. #amazing! I know... Continue Reading →

A typical day in pharmaland (part 2)

The trouble with satire is that it can be a rather blunt tool. So I think it is worth writing a short postscript to what has been a rather successful edition, if judged by visitors alone, of my last blog. (thanks for visiting) It just shows that controversial works. Some people thought it rather harsh,... Continue Reading →

Just a typical day in Pharmaland

I don't know about you but the reason I come in to work every day in my Healthcare agency of choice is mostly to help small Mexican villages improve their language skills. It can be monotonous but it also can be more rewarding than it looks. When I see their little faces light up with... Continue Reading →

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