The old egg and lightbulb rule.

In research it's always nice to hear that respondents 'liked' your idea. But so what? The problem is people like a lot of things, pictures of puppies, pretty colours, the way the model looks strong, the happy setting of a family on holiday because it reminds them of that time in Corfu. It doesn't really... Continue Reading →

The non-creative creative.

My chum and MD Phil Bartlett recently sent an all staffer round that I thought would be great as a guest spot on this humble blog. Plus, it's been a busy couple of weeks and this plugs a gap nicely. Enjoy! As a “non-creative”, how do I approach the gnarly subject of judging someone else’s... Continue Reading →

The show jumping car.

I admit it, I have a big problem with Pharma creative research. Or rather... I have a big problem with the creative research that I have been involved in thus far, within Pharmaland. Maybe there are some forward thinking outfits out there that are breaking all the rules, I dunno. But assuming I can wallow... Continue Reading →

Asking the cows about farming.

I was recently sat in an awards jury, as you do, when a 'medical person' insisted that in one category all you really had to do, to launch a new drug, was to announce its arrival. Drug X does Y. No selling or creativity was required. It was a curious, if not uncommon occurrence, to... Continue Reading →

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