Asking the cows about farming.

I was recently sat in an awards jury, as you do, when a 'medical person' insisted that in one category all you really had to do, to launch a new drug, was to announce its arrival. Drug X does Y. No selling or creativity was required. It was a curious, if not uncommon occurrence, to... Continue Reading →

Why we need more primadonnas.

The term 'primadonna' is usually intended to be the ultimate crushing insult for a creative. Worse than being a talentless creative is being a petulant, precious one. It implies a fluffyness, a puffy sleeved temperament and an irrational obsession for all the icing on the cake not the sponge and it's intended to cut right... Continue Reading →

The 3 worst ways to judge creative

From outside the Pharma tent, you could be forgiven for thinking it all just looks like stock-shots and poor typography created by people not talented enough to make it in the big wide consumer world. OK, controversial start. But you and I both know that contrary to perception there is talent in them there hills.... Continue Reading →

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