Christmas comes to Pharmaland.

Think about it. They call it the greatest story ever told. Actually it's the greatest healthcare ad campaign that ever ran. It's text book marketing. Firstly, you have a blockbuster product that can solve all ills. Then you have 12 KOLs ready to advocate. You have a wonderfully written idetail, (previously in hard back.) You... Continue Reading →

A fitting end to 2015.

I read with interest today the announcement that the ground-breaking crowd sourcing website 'idea bounty' is to close its doors. This was from the email they sent today: "It was our assumptions about clients where we went wrong. It turns out that no-risk ideas just aren't that appealing, especially to those spending someone else's money,... Continue Reading →

Fortune favours the safe.

I was recently in a pre-pitch meeting and somebody quoted the old line 'nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM' It suddenly occurred to me that she was using it in a positive sense. Because she had always thought of it that way. The safe choice is the wise choice. Now I don't know about... Continue Reading →

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