A fitting end to 2015.

I read with interest today the announcement that the ground-breaking crowd sourcing website ‘idea bounty’ is to close its doors.

This was from the email they sent today:

“It was our assumptions about clients where we went wrong. It turns out that no-risk ideas just aren’t that appealing, especially to those spending someone else’s money, as they tend to favour the safety of a big agency brand over the riskiness of an idea borne of an independent thinker. This reality was compounded by the huge amount of effort required to sift through the ideas. The average brief received over 1000 ideas and this was always a herculean task especially as we always wanted to ensure that every idea received its deserved attention.”

In the light of this sad demise of a truly pioneering company, here’s a crazy, half-baked idea.

What if we set up a company that had a professional creative team working full time on a clients business, who really understood their needs and goals and then clients could pay for a sort of I dunno…a creative director let’s call them….to sift through the gazillion crappy ideas so they didn’t have to.

Then clients could show up to a meeting and see the best three or four concepts and choose from one of them.

Then go to lunch.

Of course it would have to be a respected group of ad professionals who they wouldn’t mind spending time with and who they could trust.

That would cut out the hassle and you know what, maybe they wouldn’t mind paying for a service like that?

Let’s call it a…ooh I dunno…an advertising agency perhaps.

Who’s with me?



‘Merry Mythmas’ blaggers, more blags from me in the new year. Thanks for reading, sharing and all the compliments. It really means a lot.

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