Searching for a Braingasm.

The odd thing about ideas, you will have noticed, is that when you see a good one you almost only have to hear the title and know. I often think about the pitch to movie execs that wouldn't have had to get too much further than 'It's called The 40 year old virgin' to know... Continue Reading →

A fitting end to 2015.

I read with interest today the announcement that the ground-breaking crowd sourcing website 'idea bounty' is to close its doors. This was from the email they sent today: "It was our assumptions about clients where we went wrong. It turns out that no-risk ideas just aren't that appealing, especially to those spending someone else's money,... Continue Reading →

Why agencies fight for creative work

Okay, let's get the obvious reasons out the way. Yes it's because creative work builds client business. Yes it's because agencies want to have good work on their reels and to win awards and, in turn, win more business. Yes, even for professional pride and job satisfaction. But there is a less obvious reason. But... Continue Reading →

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